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Centuries ago, before the existence of technology, information communication had always taken entirely different forms; smoke, drum signal, carrier pigeon and the likes. The introduction of technology has enabled us to ditch the primitive ways of communication to the one that is faster, more efficient and effective and also with a greater impact. Now we have both wired and wireless virtual network as a means of exchanging information.
The impact of telecommunication has grown drastically over the past years; telecommunication has not only improved how individuals exchange information but how businesses carry out their daily operations as well.

Any businesses need a timely and reliable robust communication system in and outside the organization building to thrive. The whole telecommunication setup includes handheld devices, computer, video conferencing devices, internet-based communication platforms, teleconferencing software and business-oriented applications. All these tools can be implemented by small, medium and large enterprises to increase their companies’ productivity and grow their businesses.
These are some of the benefits any businesses can derive from investing in telecommunication services:

1. Time-Saving

Time is one of the single greatest assets any man or business can possess; how efficiently we manage our time and that of our customers will determine how effective and productive our lives and businesses will turn out to be. With the use of tools such as computers, smartphones, video conferencing system, exchanging information in real-time otherwise known as instant messaging is more efficient than ever. For example, customers’ complaints and inquiries can be responded to faster. Telecommunication saves the customers’ time, money and energy in visiting the office in person while businesses can invest the time which will be otherwise wasted on attending to customer complaints physically to something more productive.

2. Cost Saving

I remember having an interview with an organization some miles away from my residence; I have been thinking about the cost of booking the flight, lodging in a hotel and other risks associated with traveling but to my relief, I was informed that the interview would take place in form of a video conference. That saved me more than 90% of the original cost of attending such an interview. That is exactly the same way telecommunication help businesses to reduce their running cost. For instance, the cost of travel, securing a seminar or conference room can be eliminated via video conferencing.

3. Improved Performance

Telecommunication will enhance the performance of any organization. When the communication from employers to employees, between employees to employees and business to customer improves, it will automatically improve the overall general performance of the business due to adequate time management, improved customer support, and business delivery.

4. Advanced Marketing and Advertisement

The new method of creating an advertisement and product awareness through the use of social media marketing, telemarketing, video advert is significantly more effective than the use of the magazine or billboards. Product video advert placement which goes viral online stand the chance of selling ten times more than the use of orthodox means of advert placement.

5. Greater Flexibility

The use of telecommunication has brought about more flexibility to the workplace; employees now have the option of working from home. When the right telecommunication system is in place, this will in any ways affect the employees’ performance as they can discharge their duties just as effective as when physically present in the workplace.
To enjoy all these benefits, AT&T is the best bet. Being the giant of telecommunication worldwide, they have different ranges of products that suit every business communication need;

from AT&T Optic Fiber to Voice over Internet Protocol, AT&T Digital Subscriber Line and a whole lot more

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