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The AT&T Conferencing Services portfolio of audio, web, and video collaboration tools help businesses conduct meetings faster and more efficiently than ever before. You can choose from a range of options – from completely self-run to fully managed high touch meetings. From simply picking up your telephone to fully integrated audio, Web, and video conferences to multi-location high-quality video conferences AT&T has the services, equipment, and resources needed for world-class collaboration!

AT&T Connect®

Communicate and collaborate, real-time, from your desktop, laptop or mobile device using this Enterprise-class tool that fully integrates audio, web and video conferencing by combining the best voice, web and video capabilities into one core business application. AT&T Connect® can assist you in improving your business by providing real-time communication and collaboration tools, while reducing your travel costs.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s geographically and virtually dispersed work environments, AT&T Connect differs from other conferencing products by delivering an enterprise-class application that transforms voice, web and video conferencing from multiple point tools into one core communication product that can be given to everyone in your company, like email. This seamless, real-time conferencing solution offers integration with mobility devices.


AT&T offers a wide range of solutions to assist both large and small businesses in increasing productivity and efficiency. For small businesses, AT&T Unified MessagingSM offers one mailbox for wireless/wireline messages, and inbound faxes.

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