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Get uninterrupted access to your data and applications through flexible and comprehensive hosting and application management solutions tailored to meet your business needs. Take advantage of AT&T’s extensive experience, world class network, and solid service levels by choosing from AT&T’s wide array of solutions.

AT&T Hosting and Application Services deliver a fully integrated application and networking infrastructure to handle your simplest to most demanding requirements.

What is Hosting and Cloud Services?

AT&T Shared Hosting helps you establish an online business presence and give you the ability to create your own business website without the cost of maintaining expensive server equipment or access. AT&T provides the server platform, sets up the system, provides a high-speed connection from your Web server to the Internet, and provides end-to-end support. Every business is different and that’s why AT&T offers both Windows® 2003 and UNIX® based platforms to meet your individual needs. In addition, each platform is available in various feature combinations to provide the right solution for you.

With Shared Hosting, AT&T provides shared host computer, software resources, and disk space at a very competitive price and full range of web site capabilities. You control all aspects, like design and development, of your web site. AT&T provisions, stores and monitors your website to make sure it is up and running and helps you register your own domain name. In addition, you receive your own set of email addresses. Once your domain is registered, AT&T provides you with the space to upload your web pages to your server, web-based account management and an administration portal to access an extensive array of online tools.

Virtual Dedicated Server is a hosting environment that gives you an affordable, single-server hosted solution that is logically partitioned on a virtualized server platform. Each virtual server provides a protected area that operates as an independent server. It allows you to share the expense of hardware and network connections with multiple customers without sacrificing performance or security. You can use it to run websites and many other applications, just as if you were running on a dedicated physical server.

Although multiple customers share the hardware, they do not share the software. Each virtual dedicated server has its own, complete directory structure and set of dedicated application software. You can even restart your server environment without affecting any other virtual server accounts which share the same hardware.

Virtual Dedicated Server is available on both Windows® and Linux® platforms. There is no limit in the number of e-mail accounts available to you.

This hosting environment provides an affordable, single-server hosted solution that is logically partitioned on a virtualized server platform enabling you to fully customize your server configuration and choose the best applications and services to suit your specific needs. As a scalable, managed solution, Virtual Dedicated Server can free up limited resources by enabling you to focus on your core competencies.

Managed Dedicated Server provides a fully dedicated single-server hosted solution for customers who want the security and performance of a dedicated environment without the costs of managing the hardware in-house. It delivers enterprise-class servers and software to power the most intensive sites and applications with dedicated bandwidth and processing. We have a dedicated team of professionals who help ensure your services run smoothly. You can forget about investing in equipment and personnel for managing patches, upgrades and various other technical requirements. Instead, you can leave everything to us. This solution covers your server needs from every angle.

Managed Dedicated Server is available on both Windows® and Linux® platforms. There is no limit in the number of email accounts available to you.

Managed Dedicated Servers provide a fully dedicated single-server hosting solution for customers who require a dedicated environment without the costs of managing the hardware in-house. Managed dedicated server provides dedicated server performance and protection that delivers full use of system CPU, RAM, disk and network resources.

AT&T’s experts know how to build and configure technology that drives the right results for your business. We offer both packaged and custom solutions for web applications to help you automate, consolidate, boost efficiency and make processes easier for employees, customers and business partners.

AT&T Tech Support 360SM

Your small business can’t afford downtime. Time spent wading through obscure technical matters is time that could be much better spent growing the business. And, most small and medium businesses don’t have the resources to hire and retain their own internal technical support personnel.

With online services from AT&T Tech Support 360SM, businesses save valuable time by receiving the technical support they need, when they need it. AT&T’s U.S.-based technicians offer remote services, which means you and your employees don’t have to wait in the office for a technician to arrive or worry about what to do when you are working in venues outside of the office. AT&T is always available – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AT&T Tech Support 360 covers everything from spyware and virus removal to software installation, network and security setup, maintaining your mobile devices, and increasing your PC’s performance. Choose the Help Desk Minutes or Unlimited Service plans that meet your needs.

In addition to PC support and backup options, AT&T also offers AT&T Tech Support 360 Server Support and Server Backup. Your server helps drive the success of your business. So how can you best ensure uptime, security and access to everything you need to move ahead? Count on AT&T Tech Support 360 Server Support for 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance and problem resolution.

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