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Dallas, Texas-based AT & T Inc. holding company is one of the giant telecommunication and digital entertainment services providers in the world. Presently ranked the fifth largest America’s Public Corporation, AT&T delivers topnotch services via Business Solutions, Consumer Mobility, Entertainment Group and International.

AT & T specializes in internet, voice and video services through wire network and satellite technology. Also, their consumer mobility includes data, voice and home monitoring devices with the recent venture into cybersecurity for the digital world.

Being one of the oldest companies in the United States, AT&T has a high reputation for quality, durable, and affordable products with a great value for money backed up with a highly responsive customer service.

Rated as one of the best companies all over the world, they have a series of products especially in the aspect of telecommunication and digital services.

Some of AT & T must-have products are:

  • Optic Fiber

Communication as an important aspect of a business is best carried out through the use of optic fiber as it offers a reliable and highly efficient medium of communication between employees, business owners, and their customers.

Optic Fiber offers a more reliable and extra powerful internet connection as well as preventing the freeze and crashes experienced by those depending on browsers to carry out their daily communications.

AT&T Business Optical Fiber is fast, efficient and 100% reliable when compared to other providers. It offers a hassle-free internet connection and presents a good bargain for the money spent to acquire it. It is highly durable and as such increases the communication between employees and customers which in turn increase the company’s productivity.

Know more about AT&T offers, a wide range of plan with the maximum speed hitting 1000 Mbps. In addition, there is often promo pricing which ensures many customers benefit from AT&T Business Optical Fiber at reasonable prices with an unlimited plan.

  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL Internet Connection is made available to organizations with fewer employees, those that do not require a huge level of communication.

AT & T DSL formerly referred to as U-Verse is cheaper and more affordable when compared to the Optic Fiber. It’s targeted towards business startups, offices, and homes.

At 640 kilobyte per second upstream Speed, AT & T DSL is strong enough for minimum connection and can effectively power companies with limited budgets.

AT & T DSL network is password protected and can easily be connected to Modem or Reuter for DL network connection and authentication.

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP is a technology that turns analog audio signal into a digital signal transmitted via the internet. It offers portability of devices and outstanding efficiency when compared to the pioneer telephones.

AT&T VoIP previously known as U-verse Voice offers unrestricted communication and presents our users the comfortability they deserve while making long-distance calls without thinking about humongous charges associated with long distance call.

In addition, AT&T customers can enjoy multi-party and conferences call at no additional charges for internet services.

  • More About AT&T Dedicated IP Internet (ADI)

AT&T ADI allows business owners to better utilize with greater efficiency, reliability, speed, and control. All these help business owners to maximize their business potentials with robust Ethernet access.

  • More About AT&T IP Flexible

AT&T IP Flexible Reach is a service that offers integrated access for Key System in analog phones. It supports inbound and outbound data network within local, U.S. long distance and international reach for U.S. sites. It provides efficiency for organization network convergence.

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