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Imagine running your business without your office telephones. How would your customers reach you? How would you reach them? What about communicating with your partners, suppliers, and employees? Chances are you couldn’t operate your business effectively without a reliable and dependable voice service.

Because you don’t want to be locked into a particular solution, you need a provider with a wide range of voice services to meet your needs today while preparing you for tomorrow. AT&T delivers an enterprise-grade portfolio, and a secure, reliable, and intelligent networking platform including world-wide voice service capabilities for all of your international communications.

AT&T offers a wide range of innovative products to meet your voice service needs:


Looking for dependable, feature-rich local voice solutions to meet the demanding needs of your business? As the leading U.S. provider of local and long distance voice services, AT&T has a broad range of reliable local voice solutions to help your business be more productive.

Whether you’re focused on heavy local calling or just need reliable, cost-effective local voice service, AT&T can help you. With a greater breadth of capabilities across a national footprint than any other single provider, AT&T can design, deploy, and manage a comprehensive local solution tailored to your specific needs. You get:

Single provider accountability

Wide range of voice, data and wireless solutions across a comprehensive portfolio of services
Integrated approach, including options offering a single bill, contract and commitment
Clear migration path, at your own pace, to advanced services like voice over IP
The AT&T fiber optic backbone network, with dual nodes and SONET architecture, utilizes the most advanced communications technology in the world providing superior quality with 99.99% reliability on local and long distance calls.


Do you need a local voice service that provides state-of-the-art, central office-based networking for voice and data that won’t break the bank? Then AT&T has Centrex options for you.

Primary Rate ISDN (PRI)

Move calls and information faster and more efficiently with a single digital connection. AT&T offers this service within our regional service areas.

With AT&T ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Service you get an efficient way to integrate your voice, data and video communications on the same high-performance digital trunks using industry-standard ISDN Primary Rate Interface technology.

Outbound Long Distance

Long distance calling can be the life-blood of your business. Learn how AT&T provides voice service solutions to keep you connected.

AT&T operates one of the world’s largest international voice networks carrying over 18 billion minutes per year. Combining network reliability, competitive pricing, and people, AT&T is uniquely positioned to provide you with the advanced networking infrastructure required to deploy and support both simple as well as complex voice applications worldwide.

  • a global reach to over 240+ countries, the greatest in the industry.
  • switching and transport networks with multiple levels of breadth and depth for your maximum security, along with industry leading network reliability.
  • state of the art Network Operations Center monitors and manages AT&T networks 24×7 and provides worldwide sales support.

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